Anastazy Kubiak

Web Developer

Problem solver attitude

I can identify and solve performance bottlenecks in code, workflow, processes; so you can concentrate on your business.

Excellent communicator

If you are not a "technical guy" I can explain it to you.

Fast learner & open minded

If you need to use new technology, I can quickly jump aboard.

Responsible and mature

I know that being in reach, dependable, and delivering consistent results is very important to you.

Most Notorious Projects

Editingo panel


Editingo Single-Page App

client: Sendingo sp. z o.o.
role: Full-stack Developer
tech: AngularJS, TwitterBootstrap, Ruby on Rails + MongoDB

Editingo is an evolution of my HTML Email Editor concept, which I developed in 2014 for in-company use. Now the editor is being introduced to Sendingo clients as SaaS.

Reduce your email template production time from 3 hours to 15 minutes!


Publishingo Responsive Content Automation Platform

client: Sendingo sp. z o.o.
role: Front-End Developer
tech: AngularJS, Foundation

I have worked closely with Scala Developer and Product Owners and had significant input on the look and feel of the app, providing useful insights.

Within a month we were able to deliver finished product, creating from the ground-up online Christmas catalogue for Tchibo.

Appreciate case study @behance.


Auto-Attaching Form Validation Plugin

client: Divante sp. z o.o.
role: Front-End Developer
tech: JavaScript, jQuery

I have created custom plugin for Divante Development Team, providing documentation and insights. The plugin validates any form it can find on a rendered page, with the validation rules and error messages provided by the view.


JavaScript Overlay Injection Plugin

client: Sendingo sp. z o.o.
role: Front-End Developer
tech: JavaScript

With the overlay plugin I've been able to speed up newsletter subscription overlays development. The plugin provides a framework to work with, have no dependencies, and can be quickly integrated with any kind of website.


Email Editor Application for Project Managers

client: Sendingo sp. z o.o.
role: Full-stack Developer
tech: AngularJS, Ruby, Sinatra

Started as a home project, which has grown to be used as in-company tool. I have written almost all the code for it, front-end and back-end, and dramatically improved profitability of the projects inside the company, reducing development time of html newsletters by 90%.

And many, many more...

400+ HTML email templates, hand coded with

More than 20 newsletter subscription processes including: overlays, landing pages, AJAX forms, API integrations.

Hardcore RWD emails in HTML 4.01 pretending it is 90's. Read the case study @sendingo website.

Some Facebook Apps. See live app @facebook.

Employers and business partners

Tomasz Kryk

Marketing Services for SMB Sector.

OEX Divante sp. z o.o.

eCommerce Business Services

Sendingo sp. z o.o.

Email Marketing Agency

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